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A charismatic and competitive consultant, with a “never give up” attitude, Ray Patterson has made a name for himself as a reputable go-to lender for over 11 years. Ray has lived in Charlotte since 1991. Ray received his bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in accounting, from UNCC.

After college he leaped into mortgage lending. Utilizing his education background along with his ability to build relationships, he was able to propel his career.

He was in the top 1 percent for individual loan officer production in 2012. As the VP of Sales for MortgageRight, Ray serves South and North Carolina.

He leads a team of highly motivated loan officers that focus on one goal –providing unmatched service – a system Ray calls The MortgageRight Way. The MortgageRight Way was developed to provide his clients with a phenomenal experience – not just a mortgage. “My goal is to provide each and every client with phenomenal customer service and a WOW factor.” This is unique to our industry, which typically treats the client as just a transaction.

It begins with the first contact with the client and extends well past the closing date. It includes providing local business discounts to clients, helping them with any moving services, and even assistance on setting up utilities for their new home. Buying a home is a large piece to building wealth but it’s not the only piece. For that reason, we conduct a ‘Financial Perspective’ call to help introduce them to a local CPA and Financial Planner who can help them with a complete financial picture. Those are just a few small components of the client experience that Ray provides.

Branch Manager
NMLS # 182020

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